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Related article: that Lord Willoughby de Broke, who succeeded Mr. Spencer Lucy as far back as the year 1876, has now been compelled to resign in consequence of ill health. For some time has Lord Willoughby been absent from the field, and for some time his illness gave rise to great anxiety, but hunting men are now glad to learn that some improvement has taken place and that he has been able to be driven out in his carriage. His period of mastership has been a time of continued success. The Peterborough Shows Oxytetracycline Online sufficiently attest his skill in hound breeding, while as an amateur huntsman Lord Willoughby has probably no superior. The pack has now passed to his son, in whose hands the traditions of the hunt will be well and worthily upheld. J. Brown is the huntsman. Lord Algernon Percy, one of the masters of the North Warwick- shire, being away s>ldiering, his colleague, Mr. Arkwright, carries on single - handed pending his partner's Buy Oxytetracycline Online return. There is no further change in the mastership of packs until we come to the Wilton, which Mr. Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride Cazenove has given up, to be succeeded by Mr. H. Curtis Gallup, who has re- tained the services of Maurice Sweetman, son of Mr. Garth's old huntsman, to carry the horn. The South and Buy Oxytetracycline West Wilts have passed from the hands of Mr. Percy Brown, during his absence with the Yeomanry in South Africa, to a committee, with Lord Heytesbury, who takes the greatest interest in the hunt, as deputy master. J. Stratton, the former huntsman, has gone to Lord Portman, his place being filled by Sam Gillson, who has been promoted from the berth of first whipper-in. It is seldom that there is much to say about the Scottish packs so far as changes of mastership are concerned, and this season is no Oxytetracycline Tablets exception to the rule. It says much for the spirit of masters across the border that all the old masters are again in office, not a single change having been made, though there has been the usual shuffling of whippers-in. In Ireland the changes are con- siderable. Colonel Holroyd Smith, master of the Coshmore Cosh- bride Hunt, being still away in South Africa* commanding the 3rd Battalion of the Leinster Regiment, the management of the hounds rests with Mr. Row- land Smyth, who acts as hunts- man. The Faithlegg Hounds are no longer found in the list ; they were given up at the end of last season, and their country is absorbed in that of the Water- ford. Lord Huntingdon, in ad- 3^4 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [NOVBMBKK Name of Pack. Former Master. New Master. STAGHOUNDS. Sir Terramycin Oxytetracycline Edward Greene's 7th Hussars Roscommon Sir Edward Greene Colonel Hon. R. T. Lawley Major fialfe Mr. Riley Smith. A Committee. FOXHOUNDS. ENGLAND, Bilsdale Blackmore Vale .., Burstow Mr. Chandos Pole's Cattistock Chiddingfold Cottesmore , Oraven ... « . . GoAthland Gogerddan Hambledon Herefordshire, South Johnstone's, Capt. Hon. F. • • ■ • » • I • « • • • • • • « ■ • Kent, East... Kent, West New Forest Oxfordshire, South Pembrokeshire Rufford Shropshire ... Stevenstone (Hon. Mark RoUe's) Surrey Union Taunton Vale Tremlett V AUC ••• ••• ••• Warwickshire Wilton Wilts, South and West . . . Mr. H. W. Selby-Lowndes Mr. Mertbyr Guest Mr. E. B. Forbes Mr. Chandos Pole Mr. John Hargreaves Gen. Sir F. Marshall Mr. W. Baird Mr. W. H. Dunn Mr. S. Bowlby Mr. William Smith